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Hi! I'm Lauren! I'm a curious little creature who just loves to expLaur. Ha, see what I did there? Feel free to look around and follow my adventures. 

Homes away from home

January 5, 2017

Did you know the word Wienerschnitzel comes from the term: "Viennese schnitzel" in German?! Also of interest, Austria happens to be the home of Mozart and Freud. You learn the coolest things when you travel, I'm telling you! Okay, anyway, I hopped on over to Vienna las...

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For those who know me, it’s no surprise:  I’m a travel bug. It’s both a blessing and a curse– but mostly a blessing.


But a travel bug is only one way to describe me. I’m also a passionate writer and photographer, an ambitious student, dog-lover, and a cake decorator in-training.

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