Budapest, my hidden treasure chest

You know how they say if you repeat something enough, it will be imprinted upon your memory? Well, here's what was pounded into my head over and over again on my tour in Budapest: Buda is hilly. Pest is flat.

Learned that two years ago. Still remember it. So thanks annoying, repetitive tour guide.

Budapest kind of reminded me of fraternal twins. Grouped together in thoughts, but oh so different when you get to know them. During my travels, I learned that the city is in fact really just a combination of two completely different cities: Buda and Pest. Locals call it "Pesht" actually. Or if you're my grandma, you call it that too, just to fit in. But I prefer to call it my hidden treasure chest. Sorry, George Ezra for borrowing your lyrics. But I was so pleasantly surprised by all of the grungy, beautiful charm of the Hungarian city that it really is a little treasure chest in my mind.

Here, take a look:

All photos are mine. © 2016 Lauren Sloan


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